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Four conferences have been organised within the Asia Eco-Design Electronics (AEDE) project with the aim of raising awareness and understanding of the implications of product-related environmental legislation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues as they affect the Asian electronics, electrical and home appliance sectors.

Conferences were held in Thailand, India and China to:

  • Present the results of country studies with special emphasis on the implications of the EU and Japanese legislation (WEEE, RoHS, EuP, REACH, IPP, HARL, LPEUR, GPL) and CSR (EICC) developments for producers (see Background and Reports).

  • Discuss the needs analysis and capacity building plans presented in country study reports (see Reports).

  • Develop a clear programme on future eco-design training requirements and ideas on how the training should be implemented in Thailand, India and China.
  Bangkok, Thailand
10 April 2006
  Delhi, India
29 June 2006
  Beijing, China
21 September 2006

A supply chain conference and a final conference were held in Brussels (Belgium) to:

  • Disseminate the results of the European and Japanese study (see Reports).

  • Enable participants from Thailand, India and China to interact with the European stakeholders (including legislators, ‘standard setters’ and buyers, environmental, CSR and other managers from transnational electronics companies) and discuss issues of mutual interest associated with implementation of the EU and Japanese legislation.

  • Facilitate tie-ups and future technology co-operation on eco-design between European and Asian partners.
  Brussels (Belgium)
14th June 2006
  Brussels (Belgium)
5th December 2006

Final AEDE project workshops were held to present the conclusions of the project and make the Eco-Design Tool available to companies (see tools), with discussion on future options:

  Bangkok, Thailand
16th November 2007
  Beijing, China
20th November 2007
  Delhi, India 23rd November 2007
  Farnham, UK 3rd December 2007

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