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Asia Eco-Design Electronics
3rd December 2007
University College for the Creative Arts


Asia Eco-Design Electronics (AEDE) ( is a 2 year European Commission funded project aimed at raising awareness and capacity in relation to product-related environmental aspects in the Asian electronics sector. As part of the project, conferences have been organised in Thailand, India, China and Europe, a range of eco-design tools and reports have been produced and a website built (

As part of the completion of the project a series of workshops were held in Bangkok, Delhi, Beijing and Farnham in November and December 2007.

The Farnham workshop gave an overview of the key results from the project and launched a new eco-design tool that will be available in English, Mandarin and Thai.

Reasons to attend

* Key implications for supply chain management
* Early warnings in relation to the practical implications of the Energy-Using-Products Directive
* Access to new eco-design tool
* Networking opportunities


Delegate list

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Asia Eco-Design Electronics (AEDE) is funded by the European Union as part of the Asia-Pro Eco Programme

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