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The Asia Eco-Design Electronics (AEDE) project provides a portfolio of tools to support improved decision-making, available in English, Thai and Mandarin.


Tools have been produced that highlights the key lifecycle environmental impacts of components manufactured by SME suppliers in Asia, for four component categories presently exported by Chinese, Indian and Thai suppliers to the EU.

Active Electronic Components Checklist (English / Mandarin / Thai)
Passive Electronic Components Checklist (English / Mandarin / Thai)
Printed Wiring Boards Checklist (English / Mandarin / Thai)
Mechanical Component Checklist (English / Mandarin / Thai)

Condensed Checklists: Active, Passive, PWB and Mechanical Components (English / Mandarin / Thai)


Two related tools have been developed that cover both technical and management aspects of eco-design. These will take into account legislative and management requirements of WEEE, RoHS, EuP, REACH, ISO 14001, ISOTR14062 and ISO 9000.

EuP Checklist (English / Mandarin / Thai)
Eco-Design (English / Mandarin / Thai)


A CSR checklist supports the incorporation of environmental and CSR considerations in procurement and supply chain management.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Checklist for Electronics Companies [English only]





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Asia Eco-Design Electronics (AEDE) is funded by the European Union as part of the Asia-Pro Eco Programme

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