Marketing Research

Marketing decision making depends upon marketing research into customers, competitors, markets, industries and the broader environment. The growth in marketing research agencies and regular market research surveys considering the sustainability dimensions of consumers and particular market are now becoming commonplace. There are now agencies specialising in researching the ethical, social and environmental concerns of consumers.

It is worth noting that the wording of the questions asked by researchers has a strong influence on the nature of the answers that are given, and that the questions can effectively communicate something to those being interviewed. The frequently asked question “How much extra would you be willing to pay for environmentally superior products” contains a message that such products will be more expensive, which is not necessarily the case. Research data often frequently reports purchase intentions, which can be very different from actual purchase behaviour for a number of reasons.
The report gives an overview of recent research related to sustainability with implications for marketing. It is part of the Sustain project that is being organised by UNEP and ESOMAR.
Research report undertaken with UK consumers on attitudes towards sustainable consumption
World-wide survey conducted in 2001 covering attitudes towards environmental and globalization issues.
A survey on 'Green Behaviour - Sustainable Trends, Sustainable Lives?'
International Mori poll on attitudes towards environmental regulations.
This links to an article published by Mori on corporate social responsibility and reputation.
Major survey on trends in ethical consumerism in the UK.
Provides results of a range of surveys on environmental attitudes.
Includes a range of environmental survey information. 
Survey of US consumers environmental concerns including global warming
A survey of US citizens on attitudes towards 'Corporate America'
Australian Consumer Association testing results and reports
This project is concerned with the behaviour of consumers and producers who are willing to pay more to protect the environment.
An article on green consumerism - "Can green consumerism stop the ecological crisis".
Information on UNEP's Youth and Sustainable Consumption programmes.
A report covering The Green Challenge - The Market for Eco Friendly Products.
This 'Just Business' web site provides information and activities about global and ethical issues for students and teachers of Business Studies and Economics.
Research into growth of ethical investment market.

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