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Debates about the social and environmental impacts of commerce can be traced back for centuries (and for a history of business, CSR and sustainability including timelines for sustainable development, environmental history, business law and SRI click here (link to Business and CSR History Document). The modern marketing discipline has also been wrestling with these issues since at least the mid-1970s. It was in the early 1990s that there was a sudden expansion in the amount of research and writing on the themes of sustainability and marketing. Much of this is summarised below in two annotated bibliographies: online annotated bibliography of research on marketing and sustainability.

Annotated bibliography-2.doc
A supplementary bibliography featuring more up-to-date contributions and more with a European perspective.


Other useful resources about the relationship between marketing and sustainability can be found at:
Articles on green marketing from Jacquelyn Ottman.
The Knowledge Hub of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, contains links and articles on marketers legal responsibility and on ethics and sustainability in marketing.
Details of a New Zealand project to trace the development of sustainable marketing.
Conference paper developing the concept of “marketplace wisdom” as a pathway to sustainability.


For further information on basic marketing principles and resources on conventional marketing wisdom and knowledge, the following may be useful :
Marketing Sherpa’s “Marketing Wisdom 2006” collects anecdotes and ideas from real life marketers to help others learn from their successes and failures.
The American Marketing Academy’s “Knowledge Center” provides a range of information sources including expert White Papers, a guide to the basics, news items and e-learning resources.
A dictionary of marketing terms from the American Marketing Association.


For some quotations about marketing that vary from the profound to the amusing, see the following :

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