People in Marketing

People are an important part of the marketing process, particularly in services markets. Their treatment and welfare forms an important part of the social and ethical dimensions of marketing, and there has been concern about the safety and welfare of staff working in industries such as hospitality and transport. Smoking bans in restaurants and bars have been motivated partly to protect staff from the effects of passive smoking.

People are also important within marketing since they frequently represent the interface between the customer and the company, particularly when acting in a sales or customer service role. It makes people within the business an important audience when it comes to communicating about the social and environmental commitments and credentials of the business. Developing a more sustainable marketing orientation will also require support for people in terms of training, information and reporting systems and other organisational policies such as reward systems.
The National Labor Committee's mission is to educate and actively engage the US public on human and labour rights abuses by corporations.
Business for Social Responsibility’s resources on workplace diversity.
Contains a wide range of practical articles on customer service including how to create a customer service culture and protect employees from bullying or workplace violence.
Short article on justice in the workplace.
This is a non-profit organisation that supports and verifies licensee compliance with production codes of conduct.
This is a coalition of labor, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, women's, religious, and student organisations, and individuals, committed to eliminating sweatshop conditions in the global garment industry.
Europe-based campaign to promote fair labour practices in the apparel industry.
Canadian-based international group formed to raise awareness of child labor and raise funds to create alternatives.
Anti-Slavery International is the world's oldest international human rights organisation, working exclusively against slavery and related abuses.
The International Labour Organisation is a specialised UN agency which seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognised human and labour rights.

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