Packaging & Labelling

Packaging has been an important focus for environmental concern within marketing for several reasons:

Labelling is also important in helping to inform consumers about the environmental and social impacts of products and to help grow particular categories such as FairTrade or organic produce and energy efficient appliances. There are now a wide range of labelling schemes for different type of goods including international schemes, national schemes and others operated by particular industries or companies.

Much of the progress on packaging and labelling in relation to sustainability issues such as health, recycling and energy efficiency has been driven by legislation.
INCPEN co-ordinates a network of over 40 trade associations that represent more than 85% of companies in the packaging chain.
This Guide is intended to assist those involved in placing packaged goods on the market to understand the effect of the Regulations.
NRF is a not-for-profit organisation bringing together industry, manufacturers, retailers, local authorities, private and public sector institutions, and the voluntary sector to promote the principles of waste reduction, re-use and recycling.

PET Container Recycling Europe, is a non-profit association aims to facilitate the economical recovery of plastic containers through collection, reclamation and development of end uses for post-consumer bottles.

BIR is an international trade federation representing the world’s recycling industry, covering in particular ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper and textiles.

This website contains information for commercial, industrial and all other organisations that are affected by the EU-Directive on packaging waste

Duales System Deutschland AG organises the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging in line with the specifications of the Packaging Ordinance with the support of 416 waste management partners in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Recycling information page including packaging labels explained for consumers.

Repak is an approved not-for-profit limited company established under a voluntary agreement between Industry and and local government.

The nationwide compliance scheme for the packaging waste regulations. is a dedicated website for businesses, local government and community groups involved in sustainable waste, recycling and waste management.
UK Government information on environmental labels including a “Shopper’s Guide to Green Labels”
UK Government guide to European Ecolabel
US report on reducing transport packaging.
A national ecolabeling program that awards its EcoLogo to products that
meet specific guidelines.
A voluntary scheme to help consumers in Europe identify officially approved
green products.
A nonprofit network of ecolabeling organizations worldwide.
A third-party certifier of the food industry and of the environmentally sound management of forests, marine habitats, and manufacturing-related businesses


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