Introduction to Marketing & Sustainability

To meet the demand of those working within marketing, for whom sustainability agenda represented a new and perhaps daunting challenge, the Smart-Know:Net has produced the introductory guide “Marketing and Sustainability”. Co-authored by leading Sustainable Marketing Experts and Smart-Know:Net founders Professor Martin Charter, Professor Ken Peattie, Jacqueline Ottman and Michael Jay Polonsky, it provides a clear guide to the growing social and environmental pressures that businesses face and their implications in terms of the need for more sustainable marketing strategies and solutions for the future. The guide uses many practical examples to demonstrate how leading companies are responding to these challenges, and an online “Web companion” has been developed for it to provide further sources of information on its key themes.

The booklet is available online in PDF format here:

Marketing and Sustainability

It is also available for purchase in hard copy from the BRASS research centre at 55 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT email

The web companion providing further information on the themes within the booklet is available here:

Marketing and Sustainability: Web Companion


Several other online introductions to marketing and sustainability are also accessible through the following links :
An introduction to Green Marketing by Michael Jay Polonsky.
Online edition of Jacquelyn Ottman’s book ‘Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation’
Sustainable Marketing: An Overview by Donald Fuller
Gives details of Greener Marketing (1st edition) edited by Martin Charter.
Provides information on Greener Marketing - A Global Perspective on Greening Marketing Practice edited by Martin Charter and Michael Jay Polonsky.

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