Sustainable Innovation 08
Future Products, Technologies and Industries

Part of the Towards Sustainable Product Design series of conferences

13th International Conference
27th - 28th October 2008
Malmö University


Organised by:
The Centre for Sustainable Design

Sponsored by:
The City of Malmö
Region Skåne
Malmö University
Noon Solar
Supported by:
European Environment Agency
network for eco-Innovation
Sustainable Business Hub

Sustainable Innovation Report
Video: Sustainable Innovation in Malmö

Video: Solar City Malmö



Martin Charter, Director, The Centre for Sustainable Design, University for the Creative Arts, UK

Alex Steffen, Executive Editor, Worldchanging

Dr Jun Fujimoto, Professor, Research Centre for Advanced Science & Technology

Astrid Severin, Co-Founder and Executive Manager, Greenovate! Europe

Dr Mark Hinnells, Senior Researcher, Low Carbon Futures

Arnold Black, Network Director, The Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network, UK

Mats Eliasson, CEO, Watreco AB, Water Treatment Corporation, Sweden

Dennis Pamlin, Global Policy Advisor, WWF, Switzerland

Gary P. Waterworth Owen, CEO, ResponseABILITY Alliance

Professor Magnus Klofsten, Director, The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sweden

Eva Ahlner, Principal Technical Officer, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Sweden

Professor John Paul Kusz FIDSA, Director, Center Sustainable Enterprise, Stuart School of Business, IIT, US

Lennart Piper, Research Manager and Senior Advisor, Environment & Quality, Sinf - Swedish Industry Association, Sweden

Mr Michael Kuhndt, Head of UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)

Artur Moustafa, Design Vice President, Vujj AB, Sweden




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