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 >   The Journal of Sustainable Product Design
 >   Sustainable Solutions
 >   Managaing eco-design
 >   Environmental communications

The Journal of Sustainable Product Design

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The Journal of Sustainable Product Design


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Sustainable Solutions

100  Conference Proceedings (1995)
Provides a series of nine leading-edge papers covering the emerging topic of sustainable product design.
Price: £30

101  Conference Proceedings (1997)
Provides eight thought-provoking papers, covering sustainable product development and design.
Price: £30

102  On-line service (1997)
Includes eight papers with an interactive discussion facility.
Price: £60

103  Conference Proceedings (1998)
Provides 18 high calibre papers on both SPDD and managing eco-design.
Price: £50

104  On-line Conference (1998)
Includes 18 papers with an interactive discussion facility
Price: £100

105  Conference Proceedings (1999)
Includes papers on eco-product development and sustainable solutions
Price: £50

106  Sustainable Value
Discussion paper on sustainable product development and design
Free downloadable flyer [SVflyer.pdf 37 KB]
Price: £20 for full report


107 Conference Proceedings (2000)
Provides more than twenty papers on 'State of the Art' in sustainable product design.
Price: £50


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Managing eco-design

200  Conference Proceedings (1996)
Includes seven practical papers on the development of eco-design programmes.
Price: £30

201  On-line service (1996)
Includes seven papers with an interactive discussion facility.
Price: £60

202  Conference Proceedings (1997)
Eight papers on how companies are implementing eco-design world-wide.
Price: £30

203  On-line service (1997)
Includes eight papers with an interactive discussion facility.
Price: £60

204 NEPD: on-line service
Network for Electronics Product Design (NEPD) online service. Interactive discussion facility on eco-design designed for the electronic escort.

Freely accessible via

205  Workshop proceedings: Marketing, design and environment
A collection of four papers and the output from discussion on issues revolving around marketing, design and environment.
Price: £30

206  Conference proceedings: "Packaging, design and environment"
Five papers from experienced practitioners, with outputs from workshops.
Price: £30

207  Conference proceedings: Environmental issues in designing electronic and electrical products
Provides six conference papers and four workshop papers on eco-design in relation to the electronics sector.
Price: £30

208  Conference proceedings: Product design implications of the European Commissions Recent Approach to the Management of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
Provides four conference papers and three workshop papers exploring the product design implications of the EC's proposed Directive.
Price: £30

209  Workshop proceedings: The Wilkhahn Philosophy
A case study of the German furniture manufacturer Wilkhahn that covers the companies approach implementation for its eco-design policy, green education and house keeping programmes.
Price: £10

210  Workshop proceedings: "Metzzo" case study
A case study on the development on "Metzzo" an environmentally considered material developed by a team of UK designers utilising waste glass cullet.
Price: £10

211  Textiles, design and environment on-line
Includes nine papers with an interactive discussion facility.
Price: £30

212  Training: Managing eco-design
A comprehensive training tool covering the development and management of environmentally considered product development and design. CD-ROM and manual incorporating 11 case histories.

Full Package: £250
CD-ROM (PC): £95
CD-ROM (Mac): £85
Paper-based material: £135
Diskette ­ Eco-design websites (cross-platform): £10
Diskette ­ Eco-design routemap (PC): £10

213 Report: Clean (product) design research agenda

EPSRCA report commissioned by the Engineering and Physical Research Council (ESPRC) into the research issues surrounding eco-design and clean (product) design.

Free (see below)

"Identification of the research agenda and issues in relation to clean design (eco-design)"
A report for the EPSRC prepared by
The Centre for Sustainable Design,
Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Farnham, Surrey,
February 1997

Click to download free EPSRC eco-design report
> MS Word format: (158 KB) EPSRC.DOC
> Rich text format    (188 KB) EPSRC.RTF
> Text format           (124 KB) EPSRC.TXT

214  Booklet: Eco-design and ISO 14001
Covers the implications of 14001 for product development and design
Price: £10

215  Booklet: Eco-design and supply chain management
Covers the relationship between eco-design and supply chain management.
Price: £10

216  Report: 'Design for Environment': a surevy of Fortune 500 companies (1996)
A research report covering the eco-design management practices amongst global companies.
Price: £30

217  Report: Environmental awareness and attitudes amongst designers (1997)
A research report covering "green" issues and the designer. Joint project undertaken with Chartered Society of Designers.
Price: £30

218  Report: Environmental issues, design and the electronics sector: a study of European and US firms (1997)
A survey amongst 45 companies in the electronics sector analysing companies' approaches to eco-design and emerging needs and issues.
Price: £30

219  Report: Eco-design training materials (1997)
A worldwide survey of training materials covering eco-design
Price: £100

220  Report: Integrated Product Policy (IPP) an eco-product development
An overview of national and EC IPP developments with particular focus on eco-design in the electronics and white goods sector
Price: £25

221  Report: 'Chain of uncertainty' - eco-design electronics and component suppliers
A regional survey of eco-design awareness amongst UK component suppliers
Price: £20

222  Checklist: Eco-design

Produced as part of ETMUEL project (Eco-design and Training for Use, Manufacture and 'End of Life' for SMEs)
Click to download free Checklist
[Click on "Tools" on the left menu bar of the ETMUEL page]

223  Report: 'Design for Environment': a survey of Fortune 500 companies (1999)
A research report covering the eco-design management practices amongst global companies.
Price: £30

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Environmental Communications

300  Conference proceedings: "Environmental issues, design and visual communications"
Seven papers highlighting design issues in corporate environmental reporting (CER).
Price: £30

301  Workshop: "Design aspects of corporate environmental reports"
Two papers discussing the practicalities for managing the CER process.
Price: £10

302  Workshop: "Product-related environmental communications"
Two papers discussing the practicalities for managing the CER process.
Price: £10

303  Booklet: "Electronic environmental reports (EERs): design guidelines"
Guidelines covering the project managemwent, design and production or CERs (to be dowloadable from CfSD site).
Free Download: Electronic Environmental Report (EER)

Click to download free Electronic Environmental Report

304  Booklet: "Corporate environmental reports (CERs): design guidelines"
Guidelines covering the project management, design and production of CERs.
Price: £25

305  Video: "Designing corporate environmental reports"
Video highlights of the key issues involved in the design of CERs, with practical guidance for managers and designers
Price: £95


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