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The Centre for Sustainable Design's (CfSD) resources are tools for environmental managers, designers, and marketing and communications professionals as well as academics. The following resources can be found on the CfSD web site:

Bookshop: The Centre is proud to offer a range of books for sale in its online bookshop related to managing eco-design, sustainable solutions and environmental communications.

Publications: A list of CfSD publications can be seen in the Index of Publications. Details of each publication are given in the interactive Information and Order Form. Publications include a number of free downloadables.

Online and Downloadables: There are also a number of online and downloadable resources thoughout the CfSD web site, such as discussion papers, checklists and conference and workshop summaries and reports. These can be found by browsing through the individual Project pages (IPP-EPD, ETMUEL, etc.), the Training and Events pages or the network pages - NEPD (Network for Electronic Product Design) and SEEBA (South East Environmental Business Association) pages.

Web Links: Finally, our resources also include well researched links to other relevant resources on the Internet. These have been grouped according to specific interests:

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