Index of CfSD

The following publications have been divided into four main areas:

> The Journal for Sustainable Product Design
> Sustainable Solutions
> Managing Eco-Design
> Environmental Communications

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The Journal for Sustainable Product Design

01 Journal of Sustainable Product Design: paper based version
02 Journal of Sustainable Product Design: online version

Sustainable Solutions

100 Conference Proceedings (1995)
101 Conference Proceedings (1997)
102 On-line service (1997)
103 Conference proceedings (1998)
104 On-line conference (1998)
105 Conference proceedings(1999)
106 Sustainable Value
Conference proceedings(2000)

Managing Eco-Design

300 Conference Proceedings (1996)
301 On-line service (1996)
302 Conference Proceedings (1997)
303 On-line service (1997)
304 NEPD: on-line service
305 Workshop proceedings: Marketing, design and environment
306 Conference proceedings: "Packaging, design and environment"
307 Conference proceedings: Environmental issues in designing electronic and electrical products
308 Conference proceedings: Product design implications of the European Commissions Recent Approach to the Management of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
309 Workshop proceedings: The Wilkhahn Philosophy A case study of the German furniture manufacturer
310 Workshop proceedings: "Metzzo" case study
311 Textiles, design and environment on-line
312 Training: Managing eco-design
313 Report: Clean (product) design research agenda (1996)
314 Booklet: Eco-design and ISO 14001
315 Booklet: Eco-design and supply chain management
316 Report: 'Design for Environment': a survey of Fortune 500 companies
317 Report: Environmental awareness and attitudes amongst designers
318 Report: Environmental issues, design and the electronics sector: a study of European and US firms (1996)
319 Report: Eco-design training materials (1997)
320 Report: Integrated Product Policy (IPP) and eco-product development
321 Report: 'Chain of uncertainty' - eco-design, electronics and component suppliers
322 Checklist: Eco-design

Environmental Communications

400 Conference proceedings: "Environmental issues, design and visual communications"
401 Workshop: "Design aspects of corporate environmental reports"
403 Booklet: "Electronic environmental reports (EERs): design guidelines"
404 Booklet: "Corporate environmental reports (CERs): design guidelines"
405 Video: "Designing corporate environmental reports"


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