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The Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD) has organised and continues to organise cutting edge conferences, workshops and trainings on eco-design, eco-product development and environmental product policy.

The Centre for Sustainable Design has organised over 10 national and international conferences covering eco-design management and sustainable product management, which have been attended by over 1000 delegates from around the world. CfSD organises the internationally recognised "Toward Sustainable Product Design" series of conferences. In addition, conferences are developed with partners to focus on new or emerging issues, such as "Eco-Design and Supple Chain Management."

CfSD has organised over 20 workshops on a wide range of issues, including green marketing, sustainable value, Integrated Product Policy (IPP) and electronic environmental reporting. Through the Network for Electronic Product Design (NEPD), it has also facilitated events focused on the needs of the electronics sector, including LCA, eco-design tools and techniques, environmental R&D and "producer responsibility" legislation.

CfSD provides a series of customised courses through the Smart Eco-Design programme. In addition, it has produced a range of training and distance learning material: video, manuals, booklets, checklists and software (see Resources page for details)

Networks and Green Business Resources:
CfSD has developed a network for the electronics sector - the Network for Electronic Product Design (NEPD) and a global business network focused on "producer responsibility" issues covering the electronics sector - seeba.

CfSD has been involved in a range of high profile initiatives and projects worldwide.

To develop and disseminate understanding and knowledge in relation to the present and future impacts of sustainability on the management, development and communication of products, services and systems. CfSD has an action-oriented approach to research and training, based on monitoring and understanding business needs. This interface management approach brings together specialist expertise to tackle real world issues, opportunities and problems.

CfSD is involved in a range of research and training projects:

  • IPP-EPD (Integrated Product Policy and eco-product development) project
  • Eco-Design and Supply Chain Management
  • Ecolife (closing the loop on electronic products and domestic appliances)
  • Strategic CARE project
  • SIGMA (Sustainability Integrated Guidelines for Managment) project


CfSD has produced over 40 high quality resource materials related to its three core programmes:

  • Research Reports
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Distance Learning Materials

CfSD also has a number of workshop reports, checklists and discussion papers, as well as links to eco-design and related Internet sites. Details of these resources can be found on the Resources page.

CfSD also edits The Journal of Sustainable Product Design (published in partnership with Kluwer Academic Publishers). This is a quarterly refereed publication covering eco-product development, sustainable design and environmental product policy. The Journal is supported by a high calibre editorial board of experts from academia and business worldwide.

Finally, the CfSD site also has links to a number of related Internet sites in:

  • Eco-Design
  • Producer Responsibility
    • Electronics
    • Automotive
    • Packaging
  • Integrated Product Policy (IPP)

These links can be accessed through the Resources page.


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